Our know-how – for everyone’s benefit

Switzerland has liberal employment legislation, and our customers benefit directly from this. All our employment contracts comply with Swiss law and are globally compatible. Our uniform contract model permits a high level of flexibility, irrespective of the country of deployment. OSP also uses a standard social security system; this has advantages for both the tourism employees and the tour operator.

Country-specific documents, including permits for absentee voters and the like, are supplied by OSP, as are confirmations of employment for local employment offices. In short: the tour operator is relieved of a great deal of work and can rely on OSP’s specific expertise. OSP consolidates all the contractual differences for the different countries in a Swiss contract. And, in doing so, OSP implements the Swiss data protection regulations, which also comply with the EU standards.

By outsourcing their entire personnel selection and administration processes to experts, our customers not only reduce their costs but are also able to offer their tour guides – their on-the-sport ambassadors – optimum framework conditions, for the benefit of all.