Reduced costs – improved quality

OSP allows you to achieve a massive reduction in your human resource costs. Your ancillary wage expenses will be lower and, with OSP, you can cut back on your internal human resources administration costs and lighten the workload on your human resources department. OSP not only takes care of general human resources administration but also handles the work associated with the short-term international deployment of personnel, supplying the approriate documents and forms.

All employees benefit from “private” insurance cover fro illness and accidents. Structured selection methods, efficient human resources administration and the simplification of contracts with uniform conditions make for enhanced quality and facilitate the process involved.

This is borne out quite clearly by a calculation that was run through for one European tour operator: thanks to the all-in solution provided by OSP, savings of nearly 20% are a reality.

Kosten senken

The parameters for th following example:
100 tour guides 6-month assignments

Explanation of a host-month:
tour guides x assignment months = host-months

The figures listed take in the following services and costs:
  • selection
  • casting
  • training
  • human resources administration
  • payroll accounting
  • processing of insured events
  • Support & Service Centre
  • social insurance costs
  • costs of insurance for property and persons (sickness/accident)